In-Store Specials


Short Code Coffee/Tea/ Hot Chocolate list 

Green Mountain

Breakfast Blend Decaf $9.99

Dark Magic Decaf $9.99

French Vanilla Decaf $9.99

French Vanilla $9.99

Half-Caff Medium Roast $9.99


Blonde $12.99

Colombia $12.99

French Roast  $9.99


Cinnamon Pastry $9.99

Colombian La Vereda $9.99

Dark Roast $9.99

Donut Blend $9.99

Firecracker $9.99

French Roast $9.99

French Vanilla $9.99

French Vanilla Latte $9.99

Hazelnut $9.99

Italian Blend $9.99

Midnight Magic $9.99

Pumpkin Spice $9.99

Rainforest Espresso $9.99


Pure Peppermint Tea $4.99

Grove Square

Cider Drink Mix $9.99

Chai Latte $9.99

French Vanilla $9.99

Caramel $9.99

Balzac 18ct

Stout Dark Roast $9.99

Swiss Water Decaf $9.99

Bigelow 22ct

Steep Green Tea


Folgers 24ct

Black Silk $9.99

Vanilla Biscotti $9.99

Classic Roast $9.99

Laura Secord 24ct

Mint Hot Chocolate $9.99

Café Escapes 24ct

Café Mocha $9.99

Bobby the Coffee Guy 24ct

Flavoured Coffee $9.00

Light Roast  $9.00

Van Houtte 24ct

Breakfast Blend  $9.99

Colombian $9.99

French Roast $9.99

House Blend Dark Roast $9.99

House Blend Medium Roast $9.99

Zavida 24ct

Apple Pie $9.99

Irish Cream $9.99

Tim Hortons 24ct

French Vanilla $9.00

Tootsie 12ct

Roll Hot Chocolate $ 4.99

Peet's 10ct

Major Dickson Blend $4.99

Café Domingo Medium Roast $4.99

House Blend Dark Roast Decaf $4.99

Martinson 24ct

Dark Roast $9.99

House Blend $9.99


Organic Chamomile Tea 18ct $4.99

Sleepytime 20ct $4.99

Dunkin 22ct

Original Blend $10.99

Emeril 24ct

Lagasse Dark Roast $9.99

Gloria Jean's 24ct

Hazelnut Medium Roast $9.99


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