Three guys started a garage band, and at rehearsals and neighbourhood shows, they served smoothies. The buzz was electric – though mostly from the sound of the blender whipping up delicious blended concoctions. As the guys’ harmonies fell flat, their fan following soared sharply. Yes, groupies grew for the Boyz’ smoothies, cocktails and iced cappuccino. Their accent to musical glory was (and still is) challenged, but their blended drinks have achieved star status. And so, the Blender Boyz (Barry, Joe and Al) embraced their true calling and started a frozen beverage business. The Boyz have still not given up on their dream of rock stardom. Barry is the hipster bass guitarist, health nut and creator of Blender Boyz Smoothies. Joe is a heavy metal drummer and rabid coffee aficionado, creator of Blender Boyz Iced Cappuccino. Al is the lead singer and lead guitarist, inveterate party guy, and logically, creator of Blender Boyz Cocktail Mixes.
So, what’s your blend?
The Blender Boyz have developed a range of beverages to cater to your personal “blended” preference. Using concentrated real ingredients in single-serve pouches, the Blender Boyz have created a diverse line of easy-to-blend fruit smoothies, iced cappuccino, and real fruit cocktail mixes.
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