Zavida Coffee Roasters

“Born in Canada and raised on coffee plantations in Costa Rica, I learned from a young age of the artistry and passion required for cultivating the finest 100% Arabica beans. For over 30 years, that passion has become the beating heart that spurs my family business, creating gourmet coffee unlike any other. I invite you to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures.”

Charles Litterst, Founder & CEO

THE RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED™ seal ensures the coffee comes from farms where forests, rivers, soils, and wildlife are protected; workers are treated with respect, paid decent wages, properly equipped, and their children are given access to education and medical care.

CARBON NEUTRAL CERTIFIED BY TREES FOR THE FUTURE™ we plant enough trees in the developing world to offset all of our carbon emissions on an annual basis. Over 100,000 trees planted.