Ontario Government Update on Wipes and Sanitizing

May 25 2021

Dear Colleague;

Here are the guidelines for offices and work areas.  https://www.wsps.ca/WSPS/media/Site/Resources/Downloads/covid-19-office-health-and-safety-guidance.pdf

We called Ontario Health and were told the following. 

– Workstations require sanitizing products and are supposed to be wiped down before and after use. 

– All Kitchens and common areas are required to be wiped down and cleaned after every use. 

-Equipment needs to be cleaned before and after use. Computers, Phones Manufacturing equipment. etc..

– Door Knobs and stair railings are supposed to be disinfected throughout the day

– Visitor areas are required to have sign in sheets.  Each time a pen or pencil is used it is supposed to be put in a bin or box and needs to be sanitized after every use. 

– All bathrooms are to have either hand washing stations or sanitizer stations, inside and outside the restrooms. Also they require disinfectant wipes for each stall. 

– Sanitizing stations are required throughout buildings where people may interact on a frequent basis. 

– Any item that is touched by more than one individual is required to be sanitized after every use.

We at Frontline Protection Inc. endeavour to keep our colleagues up to date as much as possible on Provincial requirements, especially for businesses and workplaces.

All our Frontline Protection branded products are Health Canada Approved, contain 75% Ethyl Alcohol.

Our Canister Wipes are Multi-Purpose and can be used to clean and disinfect surfaces as well as being a suitable hand sanitizer.

We invite you to check out our website at www.frontlineprotectiongroup.com and contact me for additional information on purchasing our high-quality products.


Bill Byford

Frontline Protection Inc.


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